Sims FreePlay - Bread Winner Quest

Quests are always the best way to earn XP fast in Sims Freeplay. But sometimes it may take time or players get lost in process. That is why in this portion of, we will share and guide you through with all the main quest that you meet in the game so that you will quickly gain more experience in a short period of time.

Bread Winner Quest

When reaching level 6, you can then start the first quest. When you complete this quest, not only will you receive a good amount of XP but also, new contents will be unlocked for players to continue to explore. Let us start the guide for the Bread Winner Quest.

If you are familiar with older Sims games, cooking meals is always a basic part of the development and growing of the Sims. That is why this particular this particular quests will teach you how to do it. But first collecting the required items is necessary to continue and complete the quest. It is however important to note that this quest does not have any time limit so if you are higher that level 6, you can still complete this quest to unlock new contents to the game as well as earn xp for your game.

Let us Start:
  • You will see on your left side of the screen that you need to watch TV for a few seconds and gain about 9 XP
  • Next is for you to buy a stove. This item is located in your kitchen section next to the fridges
  • Now you should cook a bacon and eggs. This will take approximately 5 minutes to complete
  • When you finish this part, you will be awarded with a new cooking accessory.
  • Of course since your bacon and egg is ready, you should eat the food! Grab a plate! This option is available once you click on the food.
  • Eating takes about 10 minutes to finish
  • Next is to clean up! Click on your plate and select the option to wash and clean your plate
  • Now its time to relax. Go to your bookshelves. click it and select the option "search book case" that has a time of 2 hours and 21 mins and should earn you some good experience
  • It's time to get a quick snack. Buy a toaster! Still on your kitchen section, buy the cheaper one.
  • Place your new item in your kitchen and click it to cook cheese and tomatoes.
  • Once you finish this, you should level up your cooking hobby skills. With level 2 cooking skill, you can now cook burger which you will need later in the quest
  • But before that, first eat your cheese and tomotoes so Grab a Plate!
  • It's no fun if you eat alone so its best that you invite a sim with you. Check your simtracker who is available and not busy and whistle him/her to come over
  • Now showcase you skills! Since you are already level 2, cook some burger for your visitor
  • Cooking takes about 20 minutes to complete this meal. Once it is done, "call to meal" your friend sim and enjoy it together.
  • Take some time to relax after eating. "Rest Your Eyes" option is the best way to end this quest which will complete it all together.

So there you have it. And you see, it is very easy to complete and once you complete it, you gain a good amount of LP that you can use for you game. It's no cheats to do it but we do have a generator that you can use if you want to instantly catapult your simoleons and LPs.

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