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SFP build released

  • Doesn't freeze anymore when you try to inject the Simoleons and Life Points adder
  • Few minor bugs fixed

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What is Sims Freeplay Cheats?

Hello and Welcome to Sims FreePlay Cheats World! Today you will discover some really cool cheats that you can use for your iPhone, iOS, Android or Windows phone. The game Sims Freeplay has been around for some time and has become really popular. Like all the previous Sims you probably already played, this game is for the mobile platform. The simulation game lets you create individuals and raise them like raising a child, providing them with their every need from physical needs, emotional and financial. And thus, along the way, you will always need the game currency to help your sim grow. The easy way out this is to spend your real money and buy in-app currencies where in this game, it is usually lifepoints and/or simoleons. Whenever you have a huge number of this items, which serves as money in the game, you can hasten your game progress or shorten the waiting period for some quests. Of course, that is pretty much fine if you have loads of money to spend and don't really mind about it. But are other people who don't have enough money to spend or just hate spending on ingame apps. Or that is exactly why you landed on this page, right? Well, the good news is, I have something for you and I am pretty sure you will love it. What if I told you that you don't need to spend any money to have unlimited supply of simoleons and lifepoints. Excited?! Read on!

How to Cheat The Sims Freeplay?

The number one concern is always simoleons and life points and how to get so much of it in a fast and easy way. I mentioned earlier that buying it is the easiest but we hate that right, so that is out of the equation. The other option is to look for some trick or glitch in the game and exploit it or hack it. There are so many guides in the net that requires using facebook and getting some items from others or other tricks like using cheat engine to search through the game codes and modify several lines of codes to make the magic happen. But the would require some rocket scientist genius to execute and I am for sure you are not one of those. There may be some tricks but I am sure that most of them no longer works and if there is one that works, it probably just for a period of time. Despite that, I will still share it here on our Trick Page so you can make use of it to add simoleons and life points to your game. Are you ready? Check out the picture below as see the proof. Or if you hate reading, just watch the video up to the end.

Sims FreePlay Cheats

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But for faster and extreme cheats to the game, we have provided a new generator here at the access page where you can simply put in your account and our generator will do the rest for you. You see, we don't want you to worry about downloading some file and installing it on your iphone or android then doing a series of procedures to replace some files for the cheat to work. We know you hate that and that is why we came up of a better way without you having to download something. All you need is just enter and submit your user name, get pass the verification process and BOOM! Your free Simoleons and Life Points will be added to your game account. Although others may say it is a hack, we simply think it is a new way of exploiting the game. After all, this is all for fun, right. Then again, this is all up to you whether you want it or not and simply ignore it. Or you can just follow the simple tricks and normal game cheats that you can apply to the game without need of using our new generator. Choice is yours. But just to remind you, this trick can be addictive and you will for sure love it. I know, coz I am. haha!

What are the Benefits of Using Sims Freeplay Online Generator?

  • With an online resource generator, you don't have to download any file. All you do is enter your account details and the software does the rest of the job for you
  • There is no fear of any virus, spyware or malware that may affect your device be it an android or iphone because again, there is no file download to talk about in the first place
  • You are much safer from the hammer ban. Why? because normal hacking would trace back to your home ip where you executed the trick. With an online generator, everything is done on the software server side. Not to mention all the ip proxies and footprints elimination that the server executes just to complete the action.
  • Getting more resources to your game account is way faster (not to mention way bigger in amount) compared to buying. Even your cat can do it for you. haha
  • Finally, or probably the best benefit from this tool is that is will cost you $100 lifetime. No I'm just kidding. This online tool will cost you ZERO $$$ because it is absolutely free. I could have charged you a fair amount for its usage but hey, I think that's the very reason why you landed on my page, right. Because you don't want to spend a single penny on the game. So why am I giving out for free? I don't know. Do you really wanna know that coz I can charge you an amount for it. Well, its probably because I just love the game and I wanna give back something to the gamers community. Lucky for you, you landed on my site. Well, probably the only request I will ask is that you hit the google share button on the generator page. So now, don't ask me that question OK. Coz I can change my mind and charge you something the next time you come back when your money runs out. :)
How to continue getting free LP and Simoleons?
  • Like me, I still continue to play this game. It's been out for like 3 years but I still find it very amazing. Almost every month there is a new update and it keeps gamers connected and desiring for more to play the game. Like, I could tell you some tricks in the game example having a baby and getting loads of xp and experience but doing that requires lots of Simoleons or money. And with my money generator, you can easily do that. So you can complete the desire activity you want in the game.
  • Another thing with this game is its great developers. EA is certainly a big name and they make sure that quality content and graphics is given out. And they also make sure that any bugs are solved in the quickest time. (but they still have not discovered our exploit though so just keep your mouth shut on this one lol).
  • You get to live your real life in a game and with so much simoleons and money you get from our program, you can live like a millionaire and probably dream of buying all the stuff you would have had if you had that money in real life. Kinda reminds me of Bruno Mars song "I wanna be a Millionaire" lol.
  • Oh yeah, and one more thing. Probably for the ladies. You get to have all the babies you want without having to worry of how painful it is on labor day. For the guys well, you don't get to feel the real excitement though and of the "thing" haha. You save your wallet anyway with our tool so all is fair in love and in freeplay. is simply here to help out all gamers who love to take a look at the game at a different level or experience. Me ang my friends who have coded this game would like you to enjoy freeplay. Because with our software, you get to write your sims world as a billionaire and that my friend is awesome! Do check out our homepage for more game cheats for android, iphone, ios, pc, xbox, psp, and ps.

Instructions on How to Use The Sims Freeplay Generator

  1. Click on "Generator" on our Sims Freeplay page
  2. Go to "get instant Access" to a enter cheat mode
  3. Enter your desired amount!
  4. Wait for a few seconds for the tool to do its part. Shouldn't take more than 2 minutes Max!
  5. Viola! All resources Maxed!
  6. Don't abuse the tool. Enjoy and keep playing

Well, What are you still waiting for?

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