Sims FreePlay Cheats

SFP build released

- Doesn't freeze anymore when you try to inject the Simoleons and LifeStyle Points adder -
- Few minor bugs fixed -

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Hello and Welcome to Sims FreePlay Cheats World! Today you will discover some really cool cheats that you can use for your iPhone, iOS, Android or Windows phone. This game has been around for some time and has become really popular. Like all the previous Sims you probably already played, this game is for the mobile platform. The simulation game lets you create individuals and raise them like raising a child, providing them with their every need from physical needs, emotional and financial. And thus, along the way, you will always need the game currency to help your sim grow.

The number one concern is always simoleons and how to get so much of it in a faster way. There are so many guides in the net that requires using facebook and getting some items from others. But most of them no longer works and if there is one that works, it probably just for a period of time. Despite that, we will still share it here on our Trick Page so you can make use of it to add simoleons to your game.

Sims FreePlay Cheats

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But for faster and extreme cheats to the game, we have provided a new generator here at the access page where you can simply put in your account and our generator will do the rest for you. Although others may say it is a hack, we simply think it is a new way of exploiting the game. After all, this is all for fun, right. Then again, this is all up to you whether you want it or not and simply ignore it. Or you can just follow the simple tricks and normal game cheats that you can apply to the game without need of using our new generator. Choice is yours. is simply here to help out all gamers who love to take a look at the game at a different level or experience. Do checkout our homepage for more game cheats for android, iphone, ios, pc, xbox, psp, and ps.


1. Click on "Generator" on our Sims Freeplay page 2. Go to "get instant Access" to a enter cheat mode 3. Enter your desired amount! 4. Wait for a few seconds tool to do its part 5. Viola! You now have all the resources you entered. 6. Don't abuse the tool. Enjoy and keep playing

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